EMS Environmental and Housekeeping Services

  • Work is completed by task thus improving effectiveness and efficiency
  • Waste removal, cleaning, and policing is performed throughout the day, increasing the visibility of service providers to improve patient satisfaction (HCHAPS)
  • Rooms are H.E.P.A. filter vacuumed daily – floors, ledges, and vents
  • Single use microfiber cloths and microfiber floor pads to clean and sanitize

Benefits to Your Organization?

Increased Productivity
Contracting with EMS can improve productivity from 10% to 15% due to efficient and timely management procedures.
Improved Quality
EMS…Quality through proven systems and programs.
Reduced Risk
EMS is dedicated to operational policies and procedures that help reduce the risk of HAI’s.
Reduced Cost
Contracting with EMS has proven to reduce costs ranging from 5% to 10% – *5% when compared to competition and 10% when compared to in-house.

Senior Level Support

  • We have the knowledge, ability, and sense of urgency, to effectively manage your operation
  • We attract and retain high caliber personnel; manager’s tenure exceed our competition
  • Our middle management-to-client ratio provides the highest level of support in the industry

Management Programs and Systems

  • System for estimating the most efficient labor needs while providing the highest quality
  • Standard operating procedures for every task focused on reducing HAI’s
  • Measurement of the quality of work and service provided


  • Employees must pass a thorough background check and physical prior to joining our team
  • We pay competitive wage rates and benefits resulting in low employee turnover
  • Our employees receive initial and ongoing training to improve quality
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