EMS Partnership Opportunities

In-Sourcing for your In-House Service Department
EMS’ highly skilled and experienced management team will provide management support expertise, systems and programs, training tools, and quality control programs; working with your in-house management staff.
Transition from Contract Service to an In-House Program
EMS will assist your facility in the transition from a contract service to an in-house operation providing management support expertise,implementation of systems and programs, training tools, and quality control programs.
On-Going Scheduled Consulting Services
EMS will provide on-going support visits to assure the program continues
to operate at peak performance.

Benefits to Your Organization?

Increased Productivity
Contracting with EMS can improve productivity from 10% to 15% due to efficient and timely management procedures.
Improved Quality
EMS…Quality through proven systems and programs.
Reduced Risk
EMS is dedicated to operational policies and procedures that help reduce the risk of nosocomial infections.
Reduced Cost
Contracting with EMS has proven to reduce costs ranging from 5% to 10% – *5% when compared to competition and 10% when compared to in-house.


  • Management and staff remain on hospital payroll
  • EMS provides management support expertise, systems and programs training tools, quality control programs; working
    with your in-house staff

Full Service Management

  • Labor and management staff on EMS payroll
  • EMS will take responsibility for all payroll and human resources department functions for the service workers we employ

Management Only

  • Management team is on EMS payroll with staff remaining on the hospital payroll
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